Samvid International Pvt. Ltd. believes in world class corporate culture and ethics. We at Samvid  have inculcated quality assurance standards so as to provide genuine products and services to our customers.

Our Working Industries 

  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Trading
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  • Whole Sale Supplier

Directors Message

Mukund Patrikar

(Managing Director)

Welcome to the Samvid International Pvt.Ltd. It is a great opportunity for us to introduce Samvid International pvt.Ltd. a unique company in India and International level. In a globalized, market driven and interconnected world, both individuals as well as organization are attempting to make a transcultural impact. The need of this era is to produce men & women who are visionary, dynamic and innovative. so in order to cater the requirements of today’s corporate World we are offering the program that endeavor for developments of distributors, there by making them intellectually,socially,physically,Spiritually and economicaly balanced human beings. We believe in work culture that looks beyond remuneration and concentrates on individual development by imparting life skills and enhancing life time opportunities. I m sure that the creative distributors of Samvid International will endorse this company to international level. you are fortunate that you can utilize services of Samvid International and it’s hi-tech infrastructure for improving your qualifications to build a magnificent career. Its ever improving top management,curriculum and facilities will ensure that you embark on a global career. As always we look forword to hearing your feedback on how we can be of services to you and your customer & associate as we seek to fulfill our mission which is to provide quality,safety,Healthy & Wealthy of our custpmers & leaders through professionalism,ethics,quality and customer service. Samvid International continuously strives for excellence in the ever increasing challenges of our National Health & Wealth.